Eye Care 101: Some Tips And Advice

It is often hard to find enough time to properly care for yourself. But, if taking care of your eyes is something that you are putting off, then you need to reconsider your priorities. Read along to learn some very important steps you can take to ensure you are approaching eye care properly.

Make sure you see only qualified eye care professionals for prescriptions and checkups. If you aren’t sure who you should see, get recommendations from family members and friends. You can also go on the Internet and read reviews. This will help you get the best help possible.

To keep eyes protected, wear sunglasses. You should purchase high quality sunglasses that offer effective protection from ultra violet rays. Have them with you every time you venture out. Your skin and eyes can be harmed by the sun. Never take chances with the health of your eyes.

Do you still smoke? It is time to quit. You probably know about the damage it does to your lungs, but you may not know your eyes are affected, too. Those who smoke long term are more prone to eye disease. Quit right now and your eyes will be thankful.

Omega-3 supplements play an important role in eye care. You should start eating foods that have this. Foods that make this list include leafy green vegetables, salmon, tuna, halibut and more. Get a serving eaten every day you can.

Wear good sunglasses. Sunglasses ward of the suns UV rays. Buy sunglasses that protect against UVA and UVB rays 100%. Polarized lenses are another option to consider while driving. This can take away the glare from your glasses. Even if your contacts offer UV protection, sunglasses are still recommended.

Look at the heating and air conditioning situation in your home. Air conditioners and heaters can often cause dry eyes. Instead of not running your heater, try using a humidifier to maintain air moisture. This will help you avoid dry eyes.

It is crucial to have eye exams on a regular basis. If you’re older, check your eyes more frequently. Older people are more likely to develop glaucoma or cataracts. Paying close attention to such things can make it easier for your eye doctor to spot any potential problems.

Do not use the same makeup for more than a few months. The reason is that bacteria builds up when you keep the same makeup. After several months, your brush is full of bacteria that is then applied to your eyes and face. Unfortunately, there are numerous ways this bacteria laden activity can harm your vision and surrounding areas.

Be aware of your family’s history concerning eye health. A lot of conditions are hereditary. Because of this, you should find out if any family members have developed any eye conditions. If you know about it, you can make sure you are checked out thoroughly.

Take breaks if you work on a computer. When you walk around, your energy is recharged, plus you increase blood flow. This will help your eyes as they get more blood and oxygen and diminish the strain they are enduring.

Sunglasses look cool and provide benefits to your eyes. Sunglasses block harmful sun rays and help you see without needing to squint. Prescriptions may also be useful for you.

If you are a smoker, try to quit. Smoking can damage the blood vessels in your eyes. Smoking can also cause macular degeneration. Find ways to reduce and eliminate smoking to protect eyes.

If you have puffy eyelids, consider cucumber slices as a means of preventing water retention. Cut a cold cucumber into quarter inch slices, then place them onto your eyelids and close your eyes for 10 minutes while you relax. A great way to reduce inflammation and and puffiness is to use bags from green tea that have been soaked in water.

You need an eye ointment when your eyes become irritated or dry. These last longer than water based solutions. They do blur your vision when you use it, that’s why the best time to use them is before going to bed.

Take care of your contacts. Many people don’t properly care for their contacts. This can cause infections, irritation and possibly vision loss. Never use saliva or outdated solution to moisten your contacts, use only approved, sterilized saline solutions. There is a lot of bacteria in your mouth that can cause eye infections. Additionally, you should wear glasses rather than contacts a minimum of once a week to give your tired eyes a break.

If you are working long hours, refresh your eyes by splashing them with cold water. Cool water helps relieve redness and irritation. You will feel energized to face the rest of your day.

A Hyperosmotic is helpful for swelling in the cornea. This can help draw the water out of your cornea. If a five percent solution stings your eyes, get a solution that has a two percent concentration of sodium chloride.

Quit smoking. Many people know the harmful effects smoking causes to the lungs. Smoking can negatively affect your eyesight. Studies have shown that smoking can causes eye issues such as optic nerve damage, macular degeneration and cataracts. These conditions can lead to vision loss.

Talk to your family about any history with eye problems to know if you are vulnerable to any diseases and how to best prevent it from happening. By determining possible conditions that are hereditary, you can work on a solution with your optometrist. Then you can develop a course of action to take.

If you have any health issues, it can affect your eyesight. Control conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension to better your sight. Unchecked, those conditions can lead to vision loss and eye damage. An eye disease called diabetic retinopathy damages blood vessels in your eyes and is affected by blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

Eye Health

What you have read here in this article is important for pursuing great eye care. Use these tips for excellent eye health. Be motivated to make your eye care a top priority and do all you can to maintain your eye health.