Eye Care Information You Will Not Find Elsewhere

There are people you might meet that have lost their eyesight because of particular situations. There are many ways your eyesight can be damaged or ruined completely. Because vision is important, proper care of the eyes is a must.

To keep your eyes protected from danger, never leave home without your sunglasses. Buy a quality pair rather than a cheap pair that doesn’t provide enough UV protection. The sun can damage eyes and the surrounding skin. Be careful and don’t take unnecessary risks with your vision.

If eye problems seem to run in your family, visit an eyecare professional. Optometrists can test for hereditary diseases, such as glaucoma and cataracts. By catching an eye problem sooner, you can spare your vision.

Not all sunglasses work the same. The sunglasses should block UVA rays and UVB rays. You can even find fashionable options, but not all of these are well-made.

The foods you eat can cause eye damage. Research has shown that eating foods with good amounts of Zinc, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin C and Vitamin E can prevent macular degeneration and cataracts, as well as other eye problems. Nuts and vegetables are wonderful sources to get these nutrients.

Schedule regular eye appointments. Obviously, if you think there is something wrong with your eyes, you should go in right away. However, even if you think you are fine, you need to be checked out. Some issues are not obvious, even to the sufferer. That’s where regular checkups are beneficial. Many eye problems are treatable when early detection is feasible.

Use good sunglasses. They can protect your eyes from damaging ultraviolet rays. Buy sunglasses that protect against UVA and UVB rays 100%. If you drive a lot, get polarized lenses. These will help diminish glare. No matter if your contacts come equipped with UV protection or not, sunglasses should be worn.

Monitor the AC or heating in your house. These systems can cause eyes to become dry. Rather than avoiding using the heater, you can also run the humidifier to add moisture to the air. This moisture keeps eyes from becoming irritated or dry.

You can damage your eyes when staring at a computer. If your eyes become dry, blink more frequently. Be sure to reduce your screen’s glare. It is easy to find anti-glare screens. Finally, position the monitor so that your eyes are even with the top edge of the screen. You want your eyes to be looking slightly down towards the screen.

Regular eye exams are an important part of your eye care program. The older you get, the more you should go. As your body gets older, there may be a higher risk of eye problems like cataracts or glaucoma. Keep informed at all times about the health of your eyes.

Use any eye drops sparingly. They provide relief, but over-use can cause other eye issues. If eyedrops do not help in soothing your eyes adequately, see your eyecare professional for other treatments that are more effective.

You want to get new makeup every couple of months. Makeup breeds bacteria. You’re rubbing more and more bacteria on your face as time goes on. This bacteria can cause multiple kinds of damage to your eyes and surrounding skin.

Be aware of your family’s history concerning eye health. A lot of eye conditions are hereditary. Ask your family members to find out the history, if you don’t already know it. This can help you prevent future issues and gives you the best chance to recognize a problem that may occur.

Sunglasses may be fashionable, but they also offer benefits to your eyes. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’s radiation so your eyes don’t have to squint and get damaged. There are prescription shades and Transitions lenses available to you.

Stop smoking now. Smoking can damage the blood vessels in your eyes. In addition, smokers are more at risk for macular degeneration, cataracts and problems with the optic nerve. Find ways for eliminating or reducing your smoking to help protect your eyes.

If you have puffy eyelids, consider cucumber slices as a means of preventing water retention. Cut them into quarter-inch slices, and put them on your lids as you relax for about 15 minutes. You can use a soaked tea bag to help reduce any inflammation and eye puffiness.

If you are working full time in front of a computer screen for eight hours a day, take sufficient breaks. Your eyes need to rest so that can re-energize and remain healthy. Either take a walk around your house or get out into the fresh air to help revitalize your eyes as much as possible.

If you find your eyes become dry or irritated while sleeping, use an eye ointment. These last longer than water based solutions. Only use prior to bedtime due to potential blurriness.

Be careful with your contact lenses. Research indicates that a very worrying number of contact wearers don’t take care of their lenses. This can cause infections, irritation, and vision loss. Never moisten your contacts with saliva. There is plenty of bacteria in the mouth that can infect the eyes. Also, one time per week, be sure to wear glasses rather than your contacts.

Use a hyperosmotic to counter corneal swelling. This ointment or solution draws water from your cornea, which mainly cause the swelling. Seek out a product that has only two percent sodium chloride; some people find that the five percent solutions are too harsh on their eyes.

When you are using a computer for an extended period, you should sit at a level that puts your eyes even with the monitor top. This allows you to view your monitor at a downward angle. This minimizes eyestrain while also keeping your shoulders, neck and back from stiffening.

Your eyes can be damaged by smoking, just like the rest of your body. If you smoke, it is 4 times as likely you will get macular degeneration than if you didn’t smoke. Smoking cuts the antioxidants that work with the eyes, and can cause cataracts. Your eyes are more likely to stay healthy if you stop smoking.

You now have the information needed to care for your eyes. The information here is crucial for keeping your eyes in good shape. Your sight depends on it. Maintenance is key.